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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts based upon the understanding that good health

depends, in part, upon a normally functioning nervous system (especially the spine, and the

nerves extending from the spine to all parts of the body). "Chiropractic" comes from the Greek word chiropraktikos, meaning "effective treatment by hand." Chiropractic stresses the idea that the cause of many disease processes begins with the body's inability to adapt to its

environment. It looks to address these diseases not by the use of drugs and chemicals, but by locating and adjusting a musculoskeletal area of the body which is functioning improperly.

How does chiropractic care work?

Chiropractic helps to remove postural imbalances and structural misalignments that can

accumulate in our bodies over time. Our spines change and develop problems just like our

teeth, eyes and heart. Left unchecked, these changes may lead to pain, stiffness or other more serious problems.

The nervous system is a key part of your body. It is the communication system between your

brain and all of your body's muscles, organs and tissues. For your body to remain healthy, your nervous system must function well. For your nervous system to function well, it must be free of interference. The spine is the most common site of nervous interference because nerves travel from the spinal cord through openings on either side of the spine to get to all of your cells and organs.

Each of us is born with the ability to heal and recover from illness. Our bruises heal, cuts mend and common colds are overcome. Your nervous system regulates this inborn healing ability.Think of your brain as a central command post sending and receiving information through telephone wires (your nerves), which branch out to connect all areas of a city (your body). A short circuit in a wire cuts off communication just like misalignments in your spine can put pressure on the nerves. This pressure interferes with your nervous system, affects your ability to self-heal and may prolong injury or illness.

The customized care you receive from your chiropractor can help to improve your posture,

muscle balance and mobility. It can also restore the integrity of your nervous system and get

rid of pain quickly, so you can get back to feeling good today!

How long do Doctors of Chiropractic go to school?

Today's graduating Doctors of Chiropractic have studied and trained in a post-secondary

college or university for at least seven years. Just like medical or dental students, they must

first complete undergraduate study before applying for admission to a chiropractic college.

Becoming a chiropractor is a demanding and highly rewarding path that includes a minimum of 4,500 hours of intense academic study including classroom learning, clinical science and

internship training. During the course of their training, he/she will have studied the following

three areas:

-- Basic sciences, including anatomy, physiology, pathology (the study of diseases),

biochemistry, clinical sciences, X-ray interpretation and differential diagnosis.

-- Training in the philosophy and practice of chiropractic.

-- Clinical internship with emphasis on hands-on practice.

Your chiropractor is a primary contact provider just like your family physician, optometrist or

dentist. You do not need a referral from your medical doctor to see a chiropractor.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies

available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Although chiropractic has an

excellent safety record, no health treatment is completely free of potential adverse effects.

The risks associated with chiropractic, however, are very small. Many patients feel immediate relief following chiropractic treatment, but some may experience mild soreness or aching, just as they do after some forms of exercise. Current literature shows that minor discomfort or soreness following spinal manipulation typically fades within 24 hours.

Neck pain and some types of headaches are treated through precise cervical manipulation.

Cervical manipulation, often called a neck adjustment, works to improve joint mobility in the

neck, restoring range of motion and reducing muscle spasm, which helps relieve pressure and tension.Neck manipulation is a remarkably safe procedure. While some reports have associated upper high-velocity neck manipulation with a certain kind of stroke, or vertebral artery dissection, there is not yet a clear understanding of the connection. The occurrence appears to be very rare—1 in 5.85 million manipulations— based on the clinical reports and scientific studies to date. If you are visiting your doctor of chiropractic with upper-neck pain or headache, be very specific about your symptoms. This will help your doctor of chiropractic offer the safest and most effective treatment, even if it involves referral to another health care provider.It is important for patients to understand the risks associated with some of the most common treatments for musculoskeletal pain -- prescription and over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) -- as these treatments may carry risks significantly greater than those of chiropractic manipulation. According to a study from the American Journal of Gastroenterology, approximately one-third of all hospitalizations and deaths related to gastrointestinal bleeding can be attributed to the use of aspirin or NSAID painkillers like ibuprofen.

Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?

Yes, children can benefit from chiropractic care. Children are very physically active and

experience many types of falls and blows from activities of daily living as well as from

participating in sports. Injuries such as these may cause many symptoms including back and

neck pain, stiffness, soreness or discomfort. Chiropractic care is always adapted to the

individual patient. It is a highly skilled treatment, and in the case of children, very gentle. We

have treated patients only a few days old. Conditions such as colic, ear infections, ADD/ADHD, autism, scoliosis, colds, and birth trauma have all been treated effectively in our office.

Do insurance plans cover chiropractic?

The majority of health insurance plans cover chiropractic, they may even cover massage

therapy. We are currently in-network with Medical Mutual, Caresource, Cigna, and Aetna. We are providers for Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United, Medicare, Medicaid, and others. If you would like to know what your chiropractic and massage benefits are, call our office at 330-726-6339.

If there is a question you have about chiropractic, our office, or in general, that

is not listed here please call us at 330-726-6339 and we would be glad to answer

your questions to the best of our ability. You may also set up an appointment

with the doctor if you would like a more personal consultation to see how

chiropractic care can work for you.